Practicing With A Piano, even if you’re not a piano player

You should practice with a piano, even if you’re not a piano player.


Here’s a nice little course to get you started.


They go through the basics of learning the piano by ear.  You’ll learn piano chords fast.  They start with just the notes of the piano, work up to scales, and then to chords and songs.

The piano is one of the simplest, and most elegant visualizations of the Western musical system that has ever been devised.


I like to go through all my Perfect and Major intervals first, as an ear training exercise.  The course above can help elucidate what intervals are to a great degree, but for our purposes they are two note combinations.  Once I’ve exhausted the major scale intervals, I turn to the minor and diminished intervals.  Once warm, I like to throw in cluster chords at the top and bottom of the piano range. A cluster chord is a grouping of 3 or more notes on the piano that are close together, spatially.  Trying to pick out the smaller intervals that make up the cluster chord, by ear, is great exercise.

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